Expo Essentials - ​ A Practical Guide To Preparing For Trade Exhibitions

​​Chris van der Leer, a New Zealand based business professional has recently released an easy to read guide for entrepreneurs who are considering exhibiting at trade shows.

The 'Expo Essentials - A Practical Guide To Preparing For Trade Exhibitions' (ISBN: 978-0-473-23497-3) publication is specifically designed for the small to medium sized business owner and contains basic guidance aimed to turn a first time trade expo attendance into a massive success, without breaking the bank.

Expo Essentials also contains a wealth of knowledge from experienced exhibitors and has been published to save business owners time, money and effort. Business owners arestepped through the process of planning the expo experience, including the creation of an event marketing strategy, designing a stand, bringing together a team and finally putting it all together on the big day.
This publication is  currently only available in electronic format and is available free of charge below.
Expo Essentials - A Practical Guide To Preparing For Trade Exhibitions.pdf
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