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​Chris is quick to learn any application. His drive and workmanship are qualities that are combined for the ideal manager. He has shown on several occasions his ability to be objective and fair. There is no task that is too big. He loves a good challenge. I would never hesitate to recommend my fellow worker Chris van der Leer.

2017, DeAnna was senior to Chris but did not manage him directly
​I worked alongside Chris for 5 years at Stantec. Over this period Chris helped manage and coordinate many projects I was involved with either as a member of the project team or as the Technical Lead. Chris was always on top of his game and I was impressed with how he could easily juggle multiple complex IT projects at the same time. If I needed any metrics from Chris he was always able to deliver what I needed quickly and efficiently as well as deliver the project on time, or communicate effectively if it was going off track. 

Chris is highly motivated and fun to work with. I would gladly work with him again and my belief is that he would be a strong and steady asset to any company he worked at.

2017, Richard worked with Chris in different groups
​Having Chris on your team means you are going to get quality project management and controls work with a personable touch. In every interaction he is immediately responsive, on target with the effort, and it is all done with a fun mindset. He brings innovation, common sense, and that calm demeanor that gets your team through troubled waters. He is a pleasure to work with and someone who will lead by example in everything he does.

2017, Shawn worked with Chris in the same group.
​Chris is great to work with. He's a motivated and reliable Project Manager who gets things done. Communicates well with his stakeholders. Great asset for any organisation!

2017, Jeroen was senior to Chris but did not manage him directly.
​Chris is a very conscientious person who would be a great asset to any company. Chris is always looking for ways to streamline and make the work of his group more efficient. He is not afraid to jump in and learn new things quickly and apply the skills to solve issues or enhance current processes. Chris is always looking out for his customers, internal and external and does it with a smile no matter the situation. In his role as Project Controls Specialist he worked on many of my projects and was always proactive in anticipating what I needed and a pleasure to work with.

2017, Penny worked with Chris in the same group
As the Global PMO Manager at MWH, I managed Chris for 3 years. Chris is an enthusiastic employee, who is always willing to take on any challenge. Chris is skilled in many areas and takes the initiative to learn anything he needs to know to be successful at any task. All that he produces is high quality and often exceeds expectations. Chris has a strong customer focus and ensures his communications are clean and concise. The feedback I received from his customers on projects was exceptional. I highly recommend him for any position in the customer relationship, project management, or portfolio management realm. Chris is a definite asset to any team or organization!less

2013, Annika managed Chris
I had the opportunity to work with Chris when we were both on the MWH iNet PMO team. I always enjoyed working with Chris as he has a great outlook on things and always came to meetings prepared. We shared responsibilities to administer a program for the PMO and he always jumped at the chance to learn how the system worked and to ensure that the team understood the new functionalities. Chris has a gift for documentation and I appreciated what he brought to our projects.less

2013, Pamela worked directly with Chris
I have got to know Chris professionally and personally during my time as an IT Project Manager at MWH Global. Chris is a highly capable Project Coordinator; in his work, Chris is consistent, dedicated, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. He has creative energies and idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done. I highly recommend him for any position that can support his comprehensive set of skills, built over years of involvement within the IT industry. 

I envisage big things from Chris in the way of project management and team leadership in the years to come. And knowing Chris, he will not disappoint, and probably will exceed my expectations.less

2012, Mark worked directly with Chris
I have worked with Chris on a number in projects, both internal and externally focussed. Chris has always maintaned an outstanding client focus (whether an internal or external client). He is solution focussed and is open and communicative about any and all issues that arise during the course of a project. A please to work with.

2012, Jill worked with Chris
​Chris' efforts in developing the MWH Global Help Desk were exceptional. He managed to effectively overcome the limitations of having a centralised, yet remote help desk by producing and distributing fantastic company videos to increase visibility of staff there, as well as ensuring high communication standards.

​2012, Michael worked directly
​Chris provides excellent service that is very detailed and well managed. Chris takes the initiative to ask the questions that are important to the overall process and is very proactive in his approach. As well as being very professional, Chris is very pleasant and easy to deal with. I look forward to working with him again.

​2012, Grant worked with Chris
Chris is a highly knowledgeable and able individual, always willing to share his expertise and experience. I would not hesitate to work for Chris again. Working on projects with Chris has always been a joy. His customer service skills and attention to detail are something I aim to duplicate in my own work.

2012, Denis worked indirectly for Chris
​My observations: 
* Chris has excellent communication skills. 
* He has a great experience of working in global / virtual teams in diverse timezones. 
* Chris always understands bigger picture, and is able to come up with an acceptable solution in the situations of conflict. 
* He is able to connect with people in different cultures, take them together and take the project to completion. 
* Chris understands technology and got hands-on experience on IT infrastructure 
* Finally - he's an asset!

​2012, Vinay worked directly with Chris
​Chris is an excellent project coordinator who always fulfills his promises and reacted promptly. He assumes a leadership role in coordination meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees. His knowledge of what we require is strong. Chris has outstanding organisational skills, with the ability to successfully complete multiple tasks with great results despite deadline pressures I sometimes put on him. Chris is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. 

For these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Chris without reservation and would happily have him again on any of my projects.

​2012, Andrew P was Chris's client
​Chris is always customer focused and always manages expectations and delivers when promised . He explains things so people can understand and sorts out issues in a professional and efficent manner. Chris has great ideas and will put these ideas to good use.

​2012, Kiri managed Chris indirectly
​Great guy, technically very able, excellent service are Chris' hallmarks. He has earned the respect of all those he has worked with and for. Chris is dligent and has a very personable business approach. Excellent problem solver and I have given Chris plenty of tough issues to resolve.

​2012, Michael worked with Chris
​I had the pleasure of working with Chris at MWH for over 5 years, during that time Chris was the Customer Support Supervisor. In this demanding role Chris always remained calm and professional, his number one focus that of the client. Chris consistently strived to improve himself, his team and the service provided. Chris has the ability to build relationships easily, and throughout tough times he maintained a great sense of humour and a sunny disposition.

​2012, Julie worked with Chris